Over the Handlebars

I have been thinking of a picture a lot during the last week so tonight I had to find it.

Bike, Schwinn Bicycle, Big Handlebars, Over the handlebarsHere I am with the bike that I got as a present for my 10th birthday. I am trying to remember if the story I am going to share happened with this bike or a previous bike. If I figure it out I will rewrite a bit.

I do remember that the bike was hidden in the bed of my Uncle Jim’s truck which is behind me in the driveway. You can see by the look on my face that I am very excited.

To the side you can see my sister watching. I am checking out her pants now. She did something really unique by adding different fabric to the cuffs of her pants. It started a fashion trend at her school.

Oh, why am I thinking of this picture?

Well, since I shaved off my beard (see my post New Glasses) I have been noticing the scar on my chin every day and remembering how I got it.

Cinder Driveway, Ottumwa, Iowa, Over the Handlebars, scar, chinHere is where I got the scar. I was riding my bike and went over the handlebars chin first into a cinder alley.

I got a nice big cut on my chin and had to have stitches. I can remember that it was right before we went to visit my grandparents and I remember the bristles of the stitches.

I will probably stop thinking about it everyday after awhile, but for now as I have to be careful to not cut myself as I shave over the area of the scar it is easy to remember.

Fortunately the scar is not too visible. It depends on my facial expression, but mostly it disappears under the curve of the chin.



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