Quarterly Haircut

I usually get my haircut about every three months, and tonight it was time for my quarterly haircut. My last haircut was at the end of August. See: New Glasses

Haircut, George Lucas, Look-a-likeHere I am as I was leaving work this afternoon. You can see that my hair was starting to get really wavy and cover my ears.

I usually know when it is time to get a haircut as people start comparing me to George Lucas.

Santa Hat, Christmas Time, DecemberSince I was already taking selfies, I decided to throw on my Santa hat for another one.

haircut, Me with tree, white beard, Christmas, SantaHere I am just before I got my haircut. Here you can really see how wavy my hair was.

Haircut, After picture, Before and After, Christmas Tree, white beardHere I look a bit more clean cut and less scruffy. I am now ready for another three months before worrying about another haircut.

Hair on floor, Hair clippingsHere is just part of the hair removed during the haircut. There is always a nice pile of hair after my haircuts. I really enjoy getting my haircut as I have had the same lady cut my hair for close to 15 years. We always have a good talk and joke about my transformation.

One of our topics of conversation tonight was the holiday party I will be going to on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to it.

The attire for the party is Style Up – whatever that means. It is a work party and some of us have discussed what Style up means. I have decided that for men it means a collared shirt, nice pants and a sport coat. However, when I got home I discovered that the sport coat that I planned on wearing is not wearable. Luckily, I had another one that fits just not the color I wanted. Good thing I checked tonight and not on Wednesday morning 🙂


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