Hot Labor Day Weekend

This weekend is going to be very hot. Today the temperatures were well over 100 degrees and an Excessive Heat Warning is in effect until Monday evening.

Tomorrow the forecast is for 113 degrees so I will be spending most of the day indoors. Luckily the temperatures will drop to the upper 90’s on Monday.

I have been seeing signs for the Scottish Games this weekend in Pleasanton, and had thought about going. However, with the temperatures so high it would be miserable. Perhaps some year I will finally make it there.

112 degrees, September 1, 5 PM, LivermoreOn the way home from work tonight I stopped at the Livermore Outlets. When I parked I took a picture of the temperature. At 5:03pm it was still 112 degrees in Livermore.

New Shoes, Sketchers, Famous ShoesI was on a mission to pick up some new shoes. The Famous Shoes store here does not have the best selection of the shoes I like so decided to try the bigger store at the outlets. Not only was there a bigger selection, the prices were bigger too. However with a coupon the price was not too bad. I will probably try and break the shoes in a bit this weekend.

Livermore Outlets, Reading Sculpture, Little Boy ReadingIt was really hot, but I still took some time to get some more pictures of the Taking Flight sculpture. I really like this close up of the little boy reading. I will probably get a bit of reading done this weekend.

For more pictures of the sculpture and details about it you can click on my post  Reading Sculptures II.

Puzzle, edge pieces, current puzzle, relaxationI will also do a bit of work on the puzzle I am putting together. It may start to take shape by the end of the weekend.

Tracy Library, Flower Gardens, Rose Gardens, NatureA trip to the library is also on the schedule tomorrow as I have books to pick up and books to return.

I will also be doing a bit of genealogy research this weekend. I possibly found a chink in one of my most frustrating brick walls. However, much more research needs to be done to see if I can break down the wall.

Hopefully it is cooler wherever you are and you can enjoy the weekend.


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