Wednesday Wanderings VIII – Cats and Ice

My mind is wandering tonight, so will just share a couple of things I have thought about today.

This morning I saw an exchange of posts and comments between my friends Ferrell and Rebekah about cats. Therefore I have been thinking about cats. Rebekah is a fan of foreign cats so I thought I would post a picture of one.

Ushuia Argentina, Furthest South Cat, Cat, FelineThis is the furthest south that I have taken a picture of a cat. The picture was taken in Ushuaia, Argentina while I was returning from Antarctica. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world at almost 55 degrees latitude.

Kedma Village, White Cat, Israel, Two Color of EyesThis picture was taken in Israel and is of what is possibly a Khao Manee which is a breed of cats from Thailand. Do you notice the eyes of two different colors? The Khao Manee are known for having heterochromia.

Iceberg, Melchior Island Antarctica, Blue/White contrast, Peaceful Ocean, Antarctic SeaTwo things made me think of icebergs today. First the picture of the cat in Ushuaia as I saw many icebergs during the trip and also the news about the large iceberg that was calved from the Larsen C shelf during the past few days.

Paradise Bay Antarctica - Antarctic Cruise - Explorer - Braman's WanderingsHere I am in Paradise Bay, Antarctica which is less than 200 miles from where the big iceberg was calved.

Larsen C, Iceberg, Antarctica, Largest Icebergs, big bergsThe pin is at Paradise Bay which is the furthest south we went during the cruise. The red X on the map is close to where the iceberg detached from the ice shelf.

It will be interesting to watch over the next few months what happens to the big iceberg. Will it quickly fall apart into many small icebergs, or will it float north while fully intact? Will the glaciers that feed the ice shelf start moving quickly now that the ice shelf has less weight? A lot of data will be monitored by scientists and I am sure there will be a lot more speculation based on that data 🙂

Oh, I guess there is one more reason to think about ice. I have been using a lot of ice from the ice machine in the cafeteria, along with many others. The ice machine has a hard time keeping up as people are using a lot more ice during the hot weather.

Now for some sleep as I am tired after taking a nearly four mile walk.


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