Mac and Cheese Day

While getting my morning tea in the cafeteria I heard on one of the morning TV shows that today was Mac and Cheese Day.

I am not sure why I am hearing about all these food days this year, but since I heard that it was Mac and Cheese Day I just had to have some tonight.

To me Mac and Cheese is a comfort food. It brings back so many memories of eating Kraft Mac and Cheese, or perhaps some other brand, while growing up. Of course the memories do not stop there, they continue through life. I have had everything from basic mac and cheese to gourmet versions.

However, to me the comfort food is just simple KD as they call it in Canada (Kraft Dinner).

Macaroni and Cheese, Kraft, SinglesI didn’t have to work too hard for my mac and cheese tonight. I have some of the single serving packets that work quite nicely, especially as if I made a complete box I would probably eat the whole batch 🙂

To start pour the macaroni in a microwave safe bowl.

water measure, measuring cup, 2/3 cupNext comes the water. Pouring the water in the bowl usually mixes it up enough that it is ready to put in the microwave for four minutes.

Cheese Packet, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Easy MacWhile the macaroni is in the microwave it is time to open the cheese packet so it is ready to dump in once the cooking is complete.

Chopstick trick, no boil over, mac and cheeseWhat are the chopsticks doing here? I guess I should have mentioned that I also place a set of wooden chopsticks in the bowl before I put it in the microwave. This keeps the water from boiling over.

I actually have a set of bowls that are just the right size and 90% of the time they won’t boil over without the chopsticks. However, it is a little trick that works 100% of the time so I always add the chopsticks.

The picture is a bit blurry around the edges, but it is hard to get a close picture without the lens fogging over a bit 🙂

mac and cheese, powdered cheese, seasoningsIt is then time to pour the powdered cheese into the macaroni and give it a bit of seasoning with some salt and pepper.

Kraft Mac and CheeseStir well and then let cool for a few minutes and stir again.

I sometimes like to eat fish sticks with my mac and cheese, but I had fish for dinner last night. Instead I made some Just the way Steve likes it Guacamole to round out the meal.

Now for some sleep before another hot weekend. It is supposed to be 102 on Saturday and 104 on Sunday. No fun when I must really get some yard work done.

Did you have some Mac and Cheese today?



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