April Showers

It is not often that we have rain showers this late in the year. However, it is really nice to have them as they are leaving Raindrops on Roses ….

Yellow Rose, Raindrops on Roses, Rose BloomThis rose does not have many raindrops on it, but you can see that it has collected water in the petals.

Yellow Rose, Raindrops on RosesHere is a picture that I took shortly after it rained. Here you can see the raindrops on the petals of the rose.

Red Rose, Mr. Lincoln, rose Bush, Raindrops on RosesI really like this picture. This makes me really understand how Raindrops on Roses can be a favorite thing.

This beautiful Mr. Lincoln rose is even more beautiful with the raindrops.

Rose, Rose Bush, Mr. Lincoln Rose BushI have beautiful big blooms on my Mr. Lincoln rose bush this year. I think this is partly due to the rainy spring, but also the rose is now several years old and has had time to mature.

You can see the petals that have fallen because of the rain. Imagine just a few more beautiful blooms on the bush.

Rose Bloom, Red Rose, Fragant Rose, Mr. Lincoln RoseOK, one more rose picture. I took this one this evening when I got home so it had time to dry out from the morning rain. The roses on my Mr. Lincoln bush are so beautiful and so fragrant.

Now I have a song stuck in my head 🙂


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