Tired Tuesday Thoughts

Tonight I am very tired, which is understandable as I am recovering from a string of trips across multiple time zones.

Trees, Florida, Temple Terrace, Spanish MossYesterday I returned from Florida which is only three time zones away. However, I had only been home for less than a week before heading there.

Esplanade, theaters on the bay, Singapore, Big DuriansThe trip before that had been to Singapore which is 15 hours ahead of California. It usually takes a day for each time zone to fully recover from jet lag. Even if you ignore the International Date Line and say the Singapore is 9 hours behind there was still not enough time to recover.

Wedding, twins, wedding party, Missouri WeddingI was only home one night before the Singapore trip. I had just returned from a quick trip to Missouri for My Sister’s Wedding. Only two time zones away, but when followed by a long trip it is cumulative.

Dreamliner, 787, United Airlines, Sydney, SYD to SFOEven then, I had just barely recovered from the trip before which had been to Australia.

Airport Art, London Cab, Wire Art, Heathrow Airport ArtTo take us back to the beginning of the year, I had also just recovered from a trip to England before taking off for Australia.

Of course tie in several season changes and some springing forward and it all adds up.

I now have some time to get back on track as I have an extended time at home before my next scheduled trip.

Now for some sleep to continue the recovery process.


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