A Relaxing Saturday

This weekend I am visiting friends in Temple Terrace, Florida and simply had a relaxing Saturday.

Temple Terrace, Florida, Baseball

The first activity of the day was a baseball game. It was a lot of fun to sit and watch the game and I had a lot of memories of when I was playing Little League Baseball.

My friends’ son hit a home run and also made a great catch of a line drive.

Trees, Florida, Temple Terrace, Spanish MossNear the baseball fields there were some nice trees with Spanish moss.

Florida College, Temple Terrace, FloridaAfter the baseball game it was off to Florida College for a piano festival. Three of my friends’ kids were playing in the festival, including the one that played baseball. They all played their pieces very well.

Watching the kids play brought back a lot of memories of playing in piano recitals. See: Ready for Recital

The building above was not where the festival was held, but it is one of the more iconic buildings on the campus.

Cat Puzzle, ABC PuzzleIn the afternoon we went to visit with the kids’ grandparents. I knew their grandpa as I had been to Israel with him a couple years ago. While there I helped the two youngest kids complete this really cool cat puzzle.

Hibiscus, Pink Flower, Close-upThere were some nice flowers in the yard including several bushes full of hibiscus. Of course I just had to take some pictures.

I am looking forward to Sunday morning church services as I will get to see another long time friend.


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