Heathrow to Home

Today I had a very long day traveling from Heathrow to Home.

With the time change my Thursday was 32 hours long and just a little more than a third of that was spent in the air.

Breakfast, Heathrow, London, Full English BreakfastI started the day off with a hearty full English breakfast at the hotel. Of course, I left a few items off my plate. A full English breakfast usually comes with blood pudding, mushrooms and a fried tomato. When you fix your own plate from a buffet you can leave off the things you don’t want 🙂

Holiday Inn Arial, Bus to Heathrow, Airport HotelA little bit later it was time to head to the airport. Here is a view of my hotel from across the street as I headed to the public bus stop. I found out that instead of using a shuttle bus that cost five founds, I could take a free local bus. That nugget of information is now tucked away for my next trip to London.

Airport Art, London Cab, Wire Art, Heathrow Airport ArtOnce I got to the airport check-in was simple and then there was no line in the fast track security line. I was soon headed to the United club.

Along the way I saw this cool piece of art. I always like to look for cool art projects when I travel through airports.

Can you tell what this piece of art represents?

San Francisco International Airport, International Terminal, SFOThe flight was long, but at least it was not crowded. I had a complete row of seats to myself so was able to spread out a little.

After zipping through immigration using the Mobile Passport App I had a short wait for my bag and then it was off to the pickup point for the parking shuttle.

I wonder why very few people use the Mobile Passport App. It is a free app and you get to go through a little used line at SFO.

San Mateo Bridge, Bridge at Night, Rainy Night, TrafficAfter picking up my car it was then time for a two hour drive home in traffic. The timing of my arrival put me right in the heart of rush hour traffic. It didn’t help that it had rained most of the day.

I rained a lot while I was gone. Both in California and England. The weather looks like it will be nice over the weekend though. I may be able to get some yard work done.

It is nice to be home after a trip that included three long car rides, two shuttle buses, two long flights and travel on seven trains.

Now to quit rambling and get some sleep. Morning comes early along with a full schedule at the office tomorrow.



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