Tournament Bracket Update

The Final Four is set for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, so it is time for an update on how upsetting the tournament has been.

The four remaining teams are North Carolina and Gonzaga which are both one seeds, South Carolina a seven seed and Oregon a three seed.

2017 NCAA Tournament, Upsets, Bracketology, Bracket PointsAfter four rounds (not including the play-in games), the Upset Factor (UF) is now up to 73. There have not been many big upsets after the first two rounds.

2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament, Upset FactorThere are only a limited number of potential UF left in the tournament, so this year will end up in the middle of the range for UF.

The max UF for this year is 85. To make it to 85 UF, South Carolina and Oregon need to meet in the final with South Carolina winning.

Bracket Points,NCAA Tournament, South Carolina, Gonzaga, North Carolina, OregonThe Bracket Points (BP) is currently at 82, but there is potential for 64 more if number one seeds win the remaining games. This would give 146 BP which would be fifth in BP since the tournament expanded to 64 or more teams.

However, if South Carolina and Oregon both win in the next round 2017 will be near the bottom in BP.

It will be interesting to see the final numbers.


p.s. I keep telling myself that I won’t write these upsetting posts since they get very few views, but since I am tired from a long day of travel I needed an idea for something to write 🙂

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