Friday Night Rugby

Today was a very hot day, luckily the walk back to the apartment from the office is mostly downhill.

After taking a nap I had to decide what to do for dinner. A rugby game was about to start, so I decided to throw a meal I had in the freezer into the microwave and then watch the game.

Chicken Tikka Masala, Indian Food, SoloHere is the chicken tikka masala that I cooked up. Not the best I have ever had, but not bad considering it was pre-cooked packaged food.

National Rugby League, Australia, All Star GameThe game was an All Star game that starts off the Australian National Rugby League (NRL) season. In the US we are used to having All Star games either midway through the season or at the end. This was a bit different.

National Rugby League, Australia, All Star GameThe teams playing were Indigenous vs. World. Basically those players who have Indigenous Australian or Torres Strait Island heritage vs. players with a background from the rest of the world.

National Rugby League, Australia, All Star GameIn the pregame ceremonies the Indigenous team performed a traditional war dance very similar to the haka that the New Zealand teams perform. This was very interesting to watch.

National Rugby League, Australia, All Star GameThe game was soon underway and even though I don’t know all the intricacies of the game I know enough to not be lost 🙂

There are actually several types of rugby. Rugby union is played with 15 players and rugby league is played with 13 players. There are other differences, but I don’t know enough to really explain them here.

There is also another form called rugby sevens which is much shorter and faster with matches only taking 15 minutes. This league match had 80 minutes of total play.

To me, rugby is a very manly game. They use very little padding and it is sometimes as hard hitting as American football. It is also fast paced and there is little downtime. No waiting between plays. You play  continuously the entire game just like in soccer.

One of the interesting thing about traveling around the world is seeing sports played that are not as popular in the US.  Rugby is one of my favorites to watch.

Occasionally you can catch a match in the US on TV, but not very often.

Have you ever watched rugby?


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