Rose Pruning

Today I was finally able to start pruning my roses. I still have some work to do, but the first step is complete.

Rose Pruning, Winter Pruning, Rose BushesHere is the empty yard waste container and my large clippers. By the time I was finished the container was full.

Yard waste pickup is Tuesday morning, so I can finish the pruning job next weekend.

Rose Bushes, Pruning, Winter Yard WorkThe first step is to get the rose bushes cut back. The second step which I will do next weekend is the fine pruning and shaping of the rose bushes.

Rotten Root, Rose Bloom, Yard WasteI did remove some of the dead wood. This also included part of the rotten root system for one of my rose bushes. Some of my rose bushes are now almost 17 years old so are starting to show their age.

I also had a few leftover blooms. It was a bit sad to cut back canes that had roses on them.

Now my mind has wandered to how long rose bushes live. The answers are varied. One common answer is 35 years on average. There are roses in the US that are up to 250 years old and one in Germany that is claimed to be more than 700 years old.

Roses, Hybrid Tea, Pruning, Lifespan of rosesAnother reference site says that tea roses only last for about 10 years. These two bushes are hybrid teas and are still going strong after more than 15 years. However, I may need to remove some major sections of one of them. I will wait to see how they look in a couple of months.

Mr. Lincoln Rose, PruningI am not so sure about my Mr. Lincoln rose. Late in the year the rose bush started tilting and I am not sure of the exact cause. You can see how much it tilted as the canes should be vertical. I will just have to see what it does this year.

I am also not sure about the new growth here. Is it coming from the original root stock or from the graft. I guess I will know soon enough.

I am glad to finally get my pruning started.

Now to get some sleep and overcome my jet lag.




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