Christmas Break

This afternoon started my Christmas break from work. I have to be diligent and make sure that I take the time to get chores done.

I have so many books to read, so many topics I want to research, so much genealogy research to probe into, and many more places for my brain to wander.

Mayflower Bastard, David LIndsay, Richard More, PlymouthOne of the books that rocketed to the top of my reading list today was Mayflower Bastard: A Stranger among the Pilgrims by David Lindsay. I had previously mentioned this book in my post Historic Book Acquisitions VI. I had been looking through another recent book I acquired about Robert Cushman and ran across an interesting fact about Richard More who is the subject of the Mayflower Bastard. I now want to read more about him, and just happened to have the book.

Scrooby Congregation, Center of dissent, Gainsborough, John Smyth, Worksop, Richard BarnardI am still not entirely sure of my travel plans for next month in England, but one of the places  where I may teach a class is Sheffield which is just a short distance away from Scrooby where some of the Mayflower passengers were from. If so, there is a very good chance that I will make a quick visit.

Rose Pruning - Winter Pruning - Rose BushesOf course one of the things that I need to work on at home during the next week is getting my Winter Pruning done.

Rose bushes, tall grass, yard work, winter yard work, overdue yard workMy rose bushes look more like a hedge than bushes. They will require a lot of work.

I need to make sure that I don’t have any Overdue Yard Work once the holidays end. Next year is going to start off with a very busy schedule.

I especially need to use my new ladder and get up and clean my gutters, yes this is yard work as it involves leaves – – ugh…. Also do some trimming on my back yard trees. Hmm, and maybe some trimming of my own hair.

As you can see my brain is already wandering all over the place.

Now to get some reading done since it is not a work night 🙂



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  1. Looks like you have quite a list to work through! All the best!

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