Overdue Yard Work

Today I finally got caught up on some of my overdue yard work. However, there is much more to do. Rainy weekends have put me behind.

Tall Grass, electric mower, rain delayYou can see here that my grass is very tall. I had to be careful with my mover that it did not bog down. Also I had to make double passes to make sure the grass was cut well.

Rose bushes, tall grass, yard work, winter yard work, overdue yard workHere is the other side of my front yard. You can see the neatly mowed lawns of my neighbors and my tall grass.

You can also see that the rose bushes need some attention, but there was no time today.

Leaf in yard, red leaf, yard work, autumn leavesI was a little confused by this leaf in my yard. None of the trees close to my yard have leaves like this. It must have blown here from further down the street.

It is pretty though and I had to take a picture 🙂

Winter mowing, back yard, mowed yard, electric mowerI did not get a before picture, but you can imagine what my back yard looked like with long grass. Here it looks much nicer.

I do need to do a bit of trimming on my trees, but that is another task that will need to wait until later. Maybe I should let the leaves finish falling so that it is easier to see where to trim and also to clean up.

trimming yard, leaves and clippings, sweeping drivewayOne of the hardest parts of yard work is sweeping the sidewalk and driveway. Of course I could get a leaf blower, but I would miss some valuable exercise.

Front yard, yard work, winter yard work, winter rosesIt was starting to get dark by the time I finished. You can see the glow from the setting sun on my roses. Even though it is December, I have a lot of blooms still on my rose bushes. Unfortunately, I also have a lot of spent blooms that I need to trim off. However, since it has rained on most days that I am home during daylight it has been hard to find time to do it.

Also, too much reading to do 🙂

I am glad that I got the mowing done. I was talking to my neighbor and he wondered if I went on a trip and hadn’t let him know.

Maybe next weekend I will work on the roses and clean the gutters, or maybe not.


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