Old-Time Photography X – More Photo Booth

Old-Time Photography

Today I was searching through some folders of pictures and ran across a scan of a scrapbook page full of photo booth pictures.

Some of you may remember my post Old-Time Photography III where I shared photo booth pictures of my Grandma and Grandpa.

The pictures I share then were on this page along with quite a few more.

So tonight I will share more of these pictures of my Grandpa and Grandma.

Grandpa Photo Booth Picture, 1930's, PicturesI am not sure where Grandpa was looking, but it was not at the camera. He looks so casual in this picture compared to the one that I posted earlier.

Grandma Photo Booth Picture, Floral Background, Where to lookGrandma seems to look off in the same direction. I like this picture as you can really see the shape of her glasses. I didn’t notice in the earlier picture tha tthey were hexagon shaped. These must have been quite fashionable for the time.

Someone asked me before if I had a picture of them together in a photo booth. Not as they were dressed in the previous pictures, but they are together in some of them.

Old Photo Booth Picture, No SmileWhere are the smiles? At least they look like they are looking at the camera 🙂

Photo Booth, Pictures, 1930's, Smiles, Couple in Photo BoothAh, there are the smiles.

I am glad that I ran across these tonight. It is so interesting to see them like this. Young and in love.

I have been thinking of my Grandpa this past week because of two funerals that my parents have gone to. Last Friday was my Grandpa’s birthday. If he was still living he would have been 104.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



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2 Responses to Old-Time Photography X – More Photo Booth

  1. chmjr2 says:

    Great photographs.

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