December Roses

It has been rainy and cold for the last week, so decided to try and brighten things up with some pictures of December roses.

All of the pictures here in this post were taken earlier this month. However, after freezing weather last night I don’t think I will have anymore new blooms this year. It is time to get ready to prune 🙂

December Roses, California seasonsJust two short weeks ago my rose bushes were full of open blooms and there were still leaves in the trees. Now after several rounds of rain the trees are completely bare.

Tropican Rose, December RoseThe roses were a bit beat up, but still very colorful.

Rose Bud, Mr. Lincoln Rose, Red RoseMy Mr. Lincoln bush still had a few rose buds and they were still getting some sun on most days.

Roses, Raindrops on Roses, Sound of Music, Favorite ThingsHowever the bud above had barely bloomed and the rains came. Here you can see the resultant bloom with raindrops on the petals. I do like to see raindrops on roses, they look so interesting.

Rose Bud, Raindrops, December Roses, End of growing season, seasonsHere is another little rosebud with raindrops all over it. It was a little spot of color on a gray rainy day.

I must enjoy my rose blooms while I can. The pruning is imminent.


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