Black Friday

For me, Black Friday is a  day to stay at home and relax. Shopping with crazy people is not on the agenda.

I stayed up late on Thanksgiving and watched the first episode of the new Gilmore Girls series on Netflix. Not sure when I will watch the other three episodes, but the first one was good.

The Kitchen Boy, A Novel of the Last Tsar, Robert Alexander, Gilmore Girls ListI also did some reading, including reading from one of the books on the Gilmore Girls Book List.  I kept my eye out for books while watching the first episode. I saw a shelf of books in Rory’s old room, but not close enough to really see titles. I did see a close up of a copy of Leaves of Grass on a memorial table, but other than that books were not really highlighted.

Brady Bunch Years, Bobby Brady, Cindy BradyI have also been having Brady Bunch Memories today since I heard the news about the passing of Florence Henderson who played the Mom on the Brady Bunch.

L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables - Anne of the Island - Anne's House of Dreams - Further Chronicles of AvonleaI have also been thinking of Anne of Green Gables. I had planned on watching the new movie yesterday as it aired on PBS, but instead stayed to play games after Thanksgiving dinner. See: Thanksgiving Feast and Fun

L. M. Montgomery Shelf, Canada, Prince Edward Island, Anne of Green GablesI have most of the works of Lucy Maude Montgomery, including multiple copies of Anne of Green Gables. I checked and the movie is available on demand from my cable company. I will most likely go watch it once I finish this post.

Someday I want to go visit Prince Edward Island where Anne of Green Gables is set. Did you know that there are now Amish on PEI? See: Amish Provinces

Old Blue, Pontiac, G6, Raindrops, Rain, DroughtTomorrow will be more back to normal. I need to get my car looked at though as one of the tire pressure sensors has quit working. Hopefully it is something simple and quick to fix as I have a full Saturday ahead of me.




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4 Responses to Black Friday

  1. Tina McLard says:

    I think you just called me a crazy person!!🙃t

  2. brytestar83 says:

    I stopped by your blog because I saw the picture of The Kitchen Boy. If you haven’t read it, I suggest it. I read it 10 years ago because I had an interest in the Romanovs and the Anastasia story. Two thumbs up!

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