Thanksgiving Feast and Fun

This morning I started my day with a Thanksgiving themed breakfast.

Pumpkin Yoghurt, Noosa Yoghurt, ThanksgivingI had some nice Noosa Pumpkin Yoghurt to go with my morning reading. The reading was Thanksgiving themed as well since I was reading entries from The Pilgrim Migration.

Thanksgiving decorations, Turkey, PumpkinFor my Thanksgiving dinner I went to my friends Kevin and Tina’s house. I was welcomed with some nice Thanksgiving decorations.

Thanksgiving Selfie, Flannel Shirt, Thanksgiving, BeardI was dressed for the holiday in a nice warm flannel shirt.

Thanksgiving Plate, Turkey and Fixings, ThanksgivingI enjoyed a nice traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey and fixings. There were only five of us there so we only had a small turkey.

Thanksgiving Scrabble, Games, Word GamesAfter dinner it was time for some games. We played Scrabble and I lost by one point to Kevin. It didn’t help that during most of the game I had either five or six vowels to work with.

Playing Cards, Rummy, Card Games, Thanksgiving GamesThen it was time to play cards. I did not do well in the card game. I came in fourth and it wasn’t even close.

When I left I glanced at my phone and saw that I only had about a 1,000 steps for the day. A nice relaxing day.

However, a long walk brought me up over 10,000 steps for the day. Did I walk off the whole meal? Maybe not the pie and ice cream đŸ™‚



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