Wet Surfaces

Today has been a rainy day and surfaces like parking lots, roads and sidewalks are all wet. I decided that I would not take a long walk outside tonight, so instead took a walk in the grocery store 🙂

Wet Leaf, Parking Lot, Wet Weather, Rainy DayWhen I got to the grocery store I spotted a group of leaves on the surface of the parking lot, and just had to take some pictures.

I really liked the patterns on the leaves, especially when they were contrasted against the black surface of the wet parking lot. There were separated enough that I was able to take some good individual pictures.

Trail, Wet Leaves, Side walk, walkway, fall colors, GermanyI started thinking of other pictures that I had taken of leaves on wet surfaces. Here is a picture that I took in Jena, Germany last month.

Leaves, Jena, Germany, Autumn, Fall, Fall Color, SidewalkHere is one of the pictures that I used in my post Fallen Leaves.

Leaves, leaf, red leaf, Parking lot, Wet Leaf, FallHere is another parking lot picture from about a week ago. This beautiful little orange leaf is parked just barely on the line. I do like the contrasts in this picture with the black and white and a splash of color.

Oil Spill, Parking lot, Oil and water, interference patternsHere we have a colorful oil slick. This was in the parking lot of the library when I visited earlier this week. The interference patterns are beautiful. The little oil slick should be well diluted after the rain we received today.

I hope that you enjoyed this colorful post.


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