Brady Bunch Memories

This evening I have been thinking about The Brady Bunch.

I had planned on writing a post about the Apricot Fiesta in Patterson, but news from earlier today has caused my thoughts to wander.

You can still see a few pictures from the Apricot Fiesta in my post from last year: Fiesta Time

Early today I read about the passing of Ann B. Davis who played Alice Nelson who was the housekeeper for the Brady family.

The Brady Bunch, Wikipedia, Alice Nelson, Ann B. Davis

from Wikipedia

I always have enjoyed watching The Brady Bunch. Our family grew up without TV, but we would occasionally get to watch the show when visiting friends.

When I watch the show I always enjoy the scenes with Alice in them. She had a great personality and I always admired the way she was able to act as a peacemaker in the family. I also really like her dry sense of humor 🙂

Now when I watch the show I have memories of growing up in the Brady years.

I could share pictures of my older sister dressed in outfits that Marcia and Jan would wear, but will be nice to her.

Brady Bunch Years, Bobby Brady, Cindy BradyThe picture above comes from one of my grade school class pictures. Here I am with my friend Cindy. Don’t we look like we could fill in for Bobby and Cindy on the show?

Brady Bunch, Bobby and Cindy, Celebrity Look AlikeHere is another picture of us together. Can you see why watching The Brady Bunch brings back memories?

I just found out that you can watch most of the episodes on I may have to watch some of my favorites, or see if there are any that I have missed over the years.

OK, I must get this post published so I can get some good sleep before starting a busy week. Watch for a fiesta post later this week.




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6 Responses to Brady Bunch Memories

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    We always watched The Brady Bunch. Thanks so much for the memories. And yes you could fill in for Bobby and Cindy!!!

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