Henry Doorly Zoo Gorillas

Last night I was chatting with a friend who was talking about  going to the zoo for Thanksgiving next week. Then this evening another friend posted pictures from the best zoo in the country. This got me thinking about the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha since it is the best zoo in the country.

I decided to share some pictures from their Hubbard Gorilla Valley. The pictures were all taken during a visit there six years ago, and a few of them have been in previous posts.

Gorilla Statues, Hubbard Valley Gorillas, Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, Best ZooI will start with a sculpture outside of the habitat for the Western Lowland Gorillas. This sculpture has some great detail of the gorillas.

Western Lowland Gorillas, Henry Doorly Zoo, Best Zoo in Country, Omaha NebraskaI had to step back to get this picture that shows some of the great habitat areas as the zoo.

Now for the real gorillas.

Gorilla, Henry Doorly Zoo, Best Zoo, Omaha Zoo, Western Lowland GorillasI like this picture of a Western Lowland Gorilla having a little snack. Or, maybe he is just a hayseed gorilla.

Western Lowland Gorilla - Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo - Hubbard Gorilla Valley - The One and Only Ivan - Newberry AwardI previously used this picture in several posts including The One and Only Ivan.

The One and Only Ivan was the winner of the 2013 Newbery Medal.

I really like the expression on the face of this silverback. The picture was taken through a plexiglass bubble which made for some interesting distortions.

Western Lowland Gorillas - Henry Doorly Zoo - Omaha, Nebraska - The one and Only Ivan - Newbery WinnerI saved my favorite gorilla picture for last. Isn’t this baby gorilla cute? It looks so relaxed.

I used this picture in my post Omaha Gorillas. Click on the link to learn just a little more about their habitat and the gorilla research program at the Henry Doorly Zoo.


See also: Henry Doorly Zoo Tigers


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