Ueno in Spring and Fall

We all know that places look different throughout the year. Tonight I decided to compare pictures I took at Ueno in April with those that I took this month.

I am also thinking of the change in seasons as tomorrow is the First Day of Winter.

Spring, Ueno, Cherry Blossoms, Ueno Japan, Spring in JapanIn April I was in Tokyo when the Cherry Blossoms were blooming.

In the picture above you can see a large cherry tree with beautiful blossoms. If you look just below the tree on the right you will see a small tree with light green buds. Look for it in the next picture.

Ueno, Japan, Fall, Fall Color, Change of SeasonsI should have thought to look at my pictures from April before I left for my Sunday wanderings. I could have then taken a picture from the same angle.

However, I think that most of you will have no trouble visualizing the same scene. You can now see that the large cherry tree has only a few leaves left and that the small tree is now a blaze of red leaves.

Cherry Blossoms, Ueno, Japan, Change of SeasonsNow back to spring. Here again we have the beautiful cherry blossoms and the paths are full of people enjoy the scenery.

Cherry Trees in Fall, Ueno, Japan, Change in SeasonsThis picture is taken from a bit further away, but you can now tell that the cherry trees have lost their leaves and the leaves of some of the other trees are displaying fall colors. They did a good job of landscaping to show the fall color through the cherry trees.

You can see that the paths still have a lot of people, but they are not as packed as they were during the Cherry Blossom time.

Hideyo Noguchi, Statue, Ueno, BacteriologistHere is a a statue of Hideyo Noguchi that I took in April. The trees are greening up , but you can still see the branches.

I included this picture as I really like this statue. Hideyo Noguchi was a bacteriologist who is well known for his work with syphilis and other contagious diseases. He was born in Japan but did most of his work in the United States at the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research.

Hideyo Noguchi Statue, Ueno, Japan, Bacteriologist, 1000 Yen NoteNow for the picture from fall. I really like the beautiful yellow leaves on the tree in the picture.

In both of these pictures you can also see a whale. Do you see it?

I have also been carrying pictures of Dr. Noguchi around with me for the past two weeks. The 1000 yen banknote for Japan has a portrait of Dr. Noguchi.

I hope that you enjoyed this contrast between spring and fall in Ueno.

Now, on to winter!


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  1. That blossom really makes a difference!

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