Silhouettes at the Dig

I have been thinking about my summers spent at the dig at Lachish this week. This is mainly because of the announcements of some discoveries at Lachish this week. See my post: The Lachish Latrine

While looking for some pictures to use tomorrow in my Sunday morning Bible class I had a few pictures catch my eye.

For my post tonight you get some silhouettes from the dig at Lachish.

Sunset, Lachish, Israel, Archaeological Dig, Sunday DigHere we have a beautiful sunset with striking silhouettes from a Sunday at the dig. We start the dig on a Sunday and work in the afternoon. It is the only day of the week when we get to see a Sunset at the Dig.

Sunset at the Dig, Archaeological Dig, SilhouettesHere is another view of the sun setting over the hills west of Lachish. What a beautiful sight at the end of a day of hard work.

Sihouette, Lachish, Tel Lachish, Archaeology, morning climbOn other mornings of the week we had to climb up to the top of the tel while the sun was rising. It is a nice long walk in the morning and it helps wake you up and be ready to start digging.

I really like these silhouettes of the workers climbing up the path.

Silhouette, Tel Lachish, Archaeology, Morning ClimbI sometimes had to stop on my climb to the top to take pictures as there were often beautiful sunrises. I also knew that plants along to the path would generate wonderful silhouettes.

Silhouettes, Tel Lachish, Archaeology, LachishSome of the bushes grow as large as small trees and at the time of year that we dig they have lost their leaves. In this case the seed pods are still hanging on the branches of the bush and make for wonderful silhouetted images.

Plant at Tel Lachish, Silhouettes, Morning walk, Morning climbHere is a picture of the same bush taken just a few seconds before the image above. In this picture the camera had a longer exposure time (1/40 vs. 1/8 of a second). Here we lost the beautiful sky, but still have some nice silhouettes.

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful silhouettes. Now back to working on my lesson for tomorrow.



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