National Eat a Peach Day

Earlier today I discovered that it was ‘National Eat a Peach Day.’

Peach on Tree, Peach Tree, Ripe Peach, Delicious PeachI saw several images of peaches today, or had friends talk about peaches. One friend had one given to her, but didn’t know it was ‘National Eat a Peach Day.’

The peach in the picture above is from a friend’s peach tree. See my post Delicious Peaches to see pictures that document a peach tree from blossom to fruit that is ready to pick.

National Eat a Peach Day, Peaches, Fruit, Stone FruitsLast weekend I bought a couple of peaches at the grocery store but had not yet eaten them. I was waiting for the right moment when the peaches would be at their best. Tonight happened to be the right moment to eat one 🙂

Peach Halves, stone fruit, Eat a Peach DayI debated on what would be the best way to eat the peach. Should I eat it like a whole apple? I finally decided to cut it in half and go from there.

Peach Stone, Eat a Peach Day, Chinese Fruit, Free SToneSince the peach was a freestone peach I decided the best way would be to just remove the stone and slice up the peach.

Sliced Peaches, Freestone Peach, national eat a peach dayAfter slicing up the peach I sprinkled the slices with a tiny bit of sugar and sat down for a good snack.

Did you know that peaches originally come from China? While I was in Shanghai last month I saw an article in the paper that said that they originated very near to Shanghai. It was only two years ago that this discovery was announced. Previously peaches were thought to have first been cultivated in Northwest China.

I am thankful that the Chinese cultivated the peach. I love the flavor of peaches.

Did you eat a peach today?



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