Around the Hotel in Shanghai

I have not budged much from the hotel so far this week as I have been busy teaching all day and am a bit jet lagged. We have only left the hotel for dinner each night.

So, here are some pictures from around the hotel.

Elevator Lobby, Hotel, Shanghai, Chinese HotelHere is the elevator lobby on my floor at the hotel. I like the reflections of the table and vase on the floor.

Hotel Room View, High Rise Apartments, Shanghai, ChinaHere is the view in one direction from my room. There are some very tall apartment buildings just near the hotel. From the 15th floor I have a good view of the upper stories.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai, High RiseWhen I step out from the lobby I get a very good view up the side of the building.

Camel, Shanghai, Crowne Plaza, Camel StatueI am not sure exactly why there is a statue of a camel outside the hotel. There is a sign on the base but it only details who designed the hotel. In any case it is an interesting looking statue and when you see it you know that you are back at the hotel.

Shanghai Street, Hotel View, Around the Hotel, ChinaAcross the street from the entrance of the hotel is a row of shops and restaurants. I have been in and out of several of the shops and restaurants during the times I have stayed here in the past. This week I have eaten at one of the restaurants twice, but each time with a different group of students.

This evening after dinner I have been watching the Clinton News Network (CNN) tear apart the Republican Convention. If you think that CNN has unbalanced coverage in the US, you should travel and watch CNN International.

It is hard to believe that it is Thursday evening already. Tomorrow is test day, I hope that my students get a good night of sleep 🙂


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2 Responses to Around the Hotel in Shanghai

  1. What does your test cover?

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