Going out for Chinese Food

I am craving good Chinese Food, so next weekend I will be going out for some authentic Chinese food.

Chinese Soup, Chicken Feet, Noodles, Chinese FoodOf course for me that means a true Chinese restaurant. I will be traveling again to Shanghai.

Noodle Restaurant, Shanghai, Pudong, Chinese Food, Chinese CuisineOne place I plan to eat at is this little noodle shop where I can get some wonderful Xian Noodles. It is just down the street from the hotel, so maybe I will eat there more than once.

Xian Noodles, Soup, Spicy Soup, Xian CuisineI can even order without an English menu there. The picture menus are good enough and if all else fails I will have my Universal Translator with me.

Chinese Dumplings, Shanghai, Old City, Yu Yuan Gardens, VinegarI also plan on having some good dumplings. I am sure I can find someone to take me to get some of these wonderful dumplings. See: Shanghai Dumplings

Chicken, Greens, Chinese Food, Chinese Cuisine, PudongI am sure that I will get my share of greens and other healthy food and also walk a lot. Maybe I can loose a couple pounds while on the trip.


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3 Responses to Going out for Chinese Food

  1. Looks nice. Do you eat the chicken foot? They like those over here in Taiwan, I’ve never tried it though.

  2. Not sure I have had dumplings, since a chines friend made them for us while visiting our home, in Iowa.

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