In Singapore

Just a short post to let people know that I have made it to Singapore. I am meeting a colleague in just a little bit so don’t have time to write about my early morning delays.

Singapore, Hotel Window, marina MandarinHere is the view from my hotel room when I arrived at 3:30 this morning. To the left is the hotel that I stayed at 16 years ago during my first real trip to Singapore. I had spent one night in a hotel here about 18 years ago while waiting for a delayed flight to India.

Update: Just in case I have some fact checkers. The hotel to the left is not the hotel I stayed at, it is further to the left out of the picture. The hotel that I stayed at is the Pan Pacific, the one in the picture is the Oriental Mandarin.

Singapore, Marina Area, Futuristic Building, Marina Mandarin, Pan PacificHere is my view this morning. You can really see the futuristic look of the building across the marina bay. More about this complex in a future post.

Now, off to meet one of my trainers.


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One Response to In Singapore

  1. Tifness says:

    Love it! I’m from singapore, and this is great! 🙂

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