Thursday Wandering Thoughts

I am really tired this evening and my thoughts are wandering around so much that I can’t focus on a single idea for a post.

So, here are some of my wandering thoughts.

Candle Lighters, Remembering Glenda, 41 years agoYesterday in my post Remembering Aunt Glenda I mentioned that I was in her wedding, but couldn’t find a picture. Today one of my aunts posted a couple pictures for me. So, here is a picture of me and my older sister all dressed up to be candle lighters in Rick and Glenda’s wedding.

Hula Hoop, Summer 1958, Fads, Richard Knerr, Arthur MelinI am not sure exactly why, but my next youngest brother change his profile picture to a pink hula hoop. I know that he included the hoop in many of his pictures from his ride along the Great Allegheny Passage last year. See my post: Northkill Creek to Sugarcreek

This also makes me think about my post: Hula Hoop Mania

Singapore Flyer - Ferris Wheel - Singapore - Tallest Ferris Wheel - Singapore FerryI am also thinking about Singapore tonight. I will be going to Singapore next month to teach a class. The flight is over 17 hours long, but today I found out that I received a free upgrade on the flight. That will definitely be nice 🙂

This is one of my favorite pictures from Singapore. It was taken years ago during a visit. I really like the Singapore River Boats.

Laksa, Noodle soup, coconut curry,Of course this now has me thinking of some of the wonderful Singaporean food like this delicious bowl of laksa. See my post A Singapore Lunch.

Paradise Bay Antarctica - Ice and Snow in Antarctica - Antarctica rock reflectionI all of a sudden thought about how cold it was today and my thoughts turned to Antarctica. Here is a picture that I took in Paradise Bay, Antarctica.

I have had some good memories of my cruise to Antarctica the last several weeks as some friends just took a cruise there on the same ship and posted some wonderful pictures.

OK, enough wandering for one night.




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