A Day of Remembrance

Sundown on Wednesday marks the beginning of Yom Hashoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Holocaust Memorial - Berlin, Germany - Holocaust Remembrance Day - Yom HaShoahThis is a day when I think of the different sites that I have visited that are connected to the Holocaust. The memorial above is in Berlin and is a memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe. It was sobering to walk through this memorial and also to visit the museum at the site. You can learn more about the memorial in my post Yom Hashoah.

Yigal Tumarkin Holocaust Memorial Sculpture Rabin Square Tel Aviv, Yom HashoaI am also thinking of this memorial in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. I visited this memorial the day after the Benghazi attack. My flight from Tel Aviv back to San Francisco had been delayed and I spent an afternoon taking A Walk in Tel Aviv.

You can read more about this memorial in my post Rabin Square Sculpture.

Buchenwald Liberation - Buchenwald Concentration camp - Weimar, Germany - Holocaust - Eternal Time - April 11I also think of my trips to the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar, Germany.

Yom Hashoah for me will be a day of reflection. It will also be a day to remember the mistakes of the past in hopes that they are not repeated in the future.

I will also think about the recovery the groups involved have made from this time period. Let us think about the future while we learn from the past and work together to ensure a bright future for those who follow us.



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