Other Special Days

This year May 5 is a trio of special days.

Yigal Tumarkin Holocaust Memorial Sculpture Rabin Square Tel Aviv, Yom HashoaMay 5 this year is Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day.

See also my post from yesterday: A Day of Remembrance

St. John's Church, Jena, Germany, Catholic Church BuildingMay 5 is also Fronleichnam in Germany. This day is Corpus Christi in other areas of the world. To learn more about this special day click on Fronleichnam.

Our colleagues in Germany have the day off and since it is a Thursday they also have Friday off of work.

Cinco de Mayo - Battle of Puebla - Mexico vs. France - May 5, 1862Of course many people will know the third special day as the date is in the name of the holiday.

May 5 is of course Cinco de Mayo. Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is more likely to be celebrated in the US than in some regions in Mexico? It is a regional holiday in Mexico, but in the US it could be considered Mexican Heritage Day.

You can find out more about the day by clicking on the links in the paragraph above, including how the picture above relates to Cinco de Mayo.

Movie Marathon in Flight, Star Wars Movie Marathon, Long FlightsToday, May 4, is also considered Star Wars Day. So we  have a string of special days.

May the Fourth be with You

See my post Star Wars Marathon to see where I recently watched all of the movies.

Of course I can also think back to Sunday and include May Day or ahead to next Sunday and Mother’s Day.

Are you celebrating on May 5?



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