A Walk in Tel Aviv

I took a nice long walk in Tel Aviv today.

What? Wasn’t I supposed to be on my way home?

After spending a long night at the airport waiting with friends while they slowly caught flights, my time to fly finally arrived. After check-in, security and Passport control I arrived at the gate for another wait, and wait, and wait and then my flight was cancelled.

We had to go back through immigration, grab our luggage and then go back to check-in. I cannot begin to describe the madhouse that ensued. Maybe in a future post sometime. I finally was on a bus to the Leonardo City Tower Hotel.

Leonardo City Tower Hotel, Tel Aviv, IsraelBy the time I got to the hotel, got checked in and took the elevator to my room, I had an e-mail with my new flight schedule.

Flight delays are sometimes opportunities for more sightseeing. I decided to take a nice long walk.

This was one of my first pictures of the walk.

Oil Lamp Sculpture in Tel Aviv, IsraelThere are a lot of sculptures and art in Tel Aviv. This I believe is supposed to represent an oil lamp. It may have additional meaning as well, but I have not had time to do any research.

I did not have one of my great tour guides along with me to explain things, so there will not be to much commentary in this post. Perhaps after some research I will repost the next two items.

Yigal Tumarkin Holocaust Memorial Sculpture Rabin SquareThis picture is from Rabin Square. I love the lines of this sculpture, and also the contrast of the woman and child below.

Unknown Sculpture near  Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv IsraelI want to find out more about this sculpture. I will research when I have more time. It was near the large Ichilov Hospital complex.

I then made my way down to the sea.

Umbrellas on the beach in Tel Aviv, IsraelHere is a beautiful view out to sea. The beach was bustling with activity. There were a lot of beautiful buildings along the beach.

Spectrum of Colors along the beach at Tel Aviv, IsraelThis one was one of my favorites. I love the colors of the spectrum across the building.

I then walked a little way down the street before turning back to the hotel. I walked pass the American Embassy, and would not have even know it was there except it was marked on the map. It was perfectly calm, except for the sounds of people playing on the beach.

Haffa or Joppa from Tel Aviv IsraelThis last picture is taken from quite a distance, but shows Old Haffa or Joppa where we were last night.

I then turned back up the hill for the long way back to the hotel. I really enjoyed the walk as it was so colorful. Not only the colors of man made things, but so many flowers and trees. I took pictures of at least four different colors of hibiscus along the way.

Tomorrow night I should be at a hotel in Newark, so may share some flower pictures. Or whatever my mind wanders to.


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5 Responses to A Walk in Tel Aviv

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Fascinating, looking forward to your explanation of the sculptures. Meanwhile, I’ve made my own guesses 🙂

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  3. rachel bar says:

    Jaffa or Jaffo, or the Hebrew pronounciation: Yah’fo

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