Artistic Milan II

A couple of years ago I wrote the post Artistic Milan where I shared two of my favorite pictures from Sempione Park.

Since I was in Milan this week I decided to take similar pictures. Since they were taken at a different time of year, they appear a bit different.

Milan, Sempione Park, Sculpture, Art in the ParkClick on Artistic Milan to see what this looked like 10 years ago. There has been a lot of wear and tear on this sculpture since that time.

This picture is taken at a different time of year, and on a sunny day instead of a rainy day.

Tree Reflection, Sunny Day, Spring, comparison pictureThis picture may not look like it, but it is a reflection in a small pond. The picture taken 10 years ago definitely shows that it is a reflection. I should have looked at the previous picture before I tried to recreate it, but you can see some that it was taken at the same spot by comparing it with the older one in Artistic Milan.

Now for some sleep before two long flights tomorrow.


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One Response to Artistic Milan II

  1. Barb Simmonds says:

    Your photography is excellent, as well as your descriptions!

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