BIO Solaire Pizza

While in Italy I just had to have some pizza. There is a small restaurant near our office and the hotel that was recommended for me by one of my colleagues. Tonight I walked to the restaurant for dinner.

Bio Solaire, Milan, Pizza, ItalyThe name of the restaurant is BIO Solaire. I walked in and told the owner that I would like to have a pizza. I looked at the menu trying to figure out what I wanted and then just asked for his best pizza. It would be a surprise.

Pizza, Italy, Milan, Italian FoodCan you imagine me standing here talking to the owner with my limited Italian and his limited English?

Bio Solaire, Milan, Pizza, Italy, Pizza OvenIt was nice to see a good pizza oven. I knew that my pizza would be cooked just right.

Italian Pizza, Hand tossed, thin crust, tomatoes, buffalo cheeseIt did not take long for the pizza to arrive as the pizza oven is very hot. The pizza that I ordered was with several types of cheese along with tomatoes. The cheese was really good and the crust was really nice. I really enjoyed this pizza.

The pizza was so large that it extended over the sides of my plate. I had to be very careful while cutting it into pieces small enough to eat.

Yum, it was really good.

Pizza, Leftover Pizza, Italian Pizza, Cheese and TomatoesI tried to eat the entire pizza, but the pizza ended up winning the battle. However, I had to eat most of the crust as it was really good.

This may be where I eat lunch tomorrow as my colleagues often eat there. They did today, but I had a conference call scheduled for when they went. I had eat a bit later and had something a bit lighter.

So, if you are in Milan, look up BIO Solaire for a nice pizza.


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