Star Wars Marathon

I flew enough this week to complete a Star Wars marathon.

I was looking through the movies that were available when I boarded my first flight on Tuesday. I noticed that all of the Star Wars movies were available.

I had not watched the movies in the original trilogy for such a long time so decided to start watching them.

On my flight to Newark and on to Milan I watched Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

These three movies helped me better understand the latest movie that I had watched for the first time when I flew to Canada last month.

Movies on Plane, Business First Class, International FlightToday as I flew back from Milan I continued watching the series. I was given a free upgrade to Business First for my flight from Milan to Newark, so it was nice to watch on a larger screen.

On the flight I watched The Phantom Menace and started to watch Attack of the Clones. I was falling asleep too much and had to keep rewinding so I finally decided to just go to sleep. It was nice to have a lay flat seat for the flight.

Movie Marathon in Flight, Star Wars Movie Marathon, Long FlightsOn the flight from Newark to San Francisco the screen was not as big. However, still a nice size screen to watch the movies on.

I finished watching Attack of the Clones and then watched Revenge of the Sith.

As I finished watching Revenge of the Sith I looked at the time remaining in the flight and found that I had just enough time to also watch The Force Awakens.

The movie finished just minutes before we touched down.

Have you ever watched a complete series of movies during a long week of flying?



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