Wet Weekend

This weekend was a bit wet. We got a lot of welcome rain that will help relieve some of the drought. However, we need a lot more rain, and especially snow in the Sierras.

I thought about sharing these pictures last night, but needed to write a post for Pi Day. See Rounded Pi Day

Rainy Day, Orchards, Trees, Rain, Windshield FocusDriving in rain is not that much fun. Especially when your focus keeps changing due to a wet windshield. You can see here how it affects my camera. It affects the eyes as well and makes it harder to focus at a distance.

Here you can see the blurry trees as I drive through orchard country.

Flood, Rain, Rainy Day, Flooded Road, Water over RoadIt had rained so much that there was water over the road in some places. Luckily this was on a side road and not on the main highway. I drove slowly through and watched the water spray to the side.

Ditch, Water in Ditch, California Rain, Drought BusterHere is the highway and you can see that there are large puddles of water off to the side. Luckily there are large ditches along the road or I am sure there would have been water over the road in places. This came during a rare lull in the rain. It was soon raining again.

Water Drips, Concentric Rings, Water Drops, TimingOf course I also had to take a bunch of pictures of water dripping into puddles. I was trying to catch the ripples making nice concentric rings. However, the drips were too inconsistent.

I did catch a few ripples and there is some nice interference between the middle two drip areas. On the left there are a couple big splashes that were caught in action.

These drips made me think of the following picture.

Water Drop Ripples - Japanese Bamboo Water Fountain - Drip Fountain - Water Drop - RipplesI shared this picture in my post Wordless Wednesday – Japan. With a well regulated drip it is much easier to get nice ripple pictures.

Today was much drier and it was nice to drive home on dry roads. Unfortunately there was still an accident that delayed my commute on the way home. Luckily it was just a fender bender and no one was hurt. Just a bunch of people slowing down to get a better look.



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