Historic Book Acquisitions IV

Tonight I decided to write another post in my Historic Book Acquisitions series.

The first post of the series featured books about Columbus, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

The second post covered books about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the concept of Liberty and George Washington and Benedict Arnold.

The third post included books about the founding of America.

For this post I decided to share books from a much earlier time period.

Ancient World Commanders, Trojan War, Fall of Rome, Angus KonstamThe first book is Ancient World Commanders: From the Trojan War to the Fall of Rome by Angus Konstam.

The book has entries for more than 150 military leaders from the time of the Trojan War to the 5th Century AD.

Some of the entries are quite substantial and others are only a small paragraph. I do like that the book has a large number of pictures.

I was hoping for a nice long writeup of Sennacherib, but it has only one short paragraph about him and does not even mention Lachish where I will be digging next month.

Myths, Legends, Greeks, Nicola Ann SissonsMyths and Legends of the Greeks by Nicola Ann Sissons is a compilation of classic Greek tales. The book is for intermediate readers and has nice illustrations by Rafaello Busoni.

You can see by the cover art that one of the tales in the book is about the Trojan Horse.  This of course ties in with the first book which begins with the Trojan War.

69 A.D., The Year of Four Emperors, Gwyn Morgan, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian69 A.D. The Year of Four Emperors by Gwyn Morgan takes us through a turbulent time in Roman history. Galba, Otho, Vitellius and finally Vespasian all reigned over the Roman Empire in the year after Nero committed suicide.

I was watching a History Channel special on Saturday that included a segment on these Emperors, so this book has moved up on my reading list.

Fall of the Roman Republic, Plutarch, Rome, Gaius Marius, Sulla, Crassus, Pompey, Caesar, CiceroFall of the Roman Republic by Plutarch is also know as Six Lives by Plutarch. The book covers the lives of Marius, Sulla, Crassus, Pompey, Caesar and Cicero who were all leaders near the end of the Roman Republic.

It is interesting that the coin shown on the cover of the book does not depict one of these six men. Instead it is coin made for Brutus who murdered one of the men featured in the book. I think most of us know which one 🙂

Which of these four books would your read first?



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4 Responses to Historic Book Acquisitions IV

  1. M.E. says:

    I’d pick 69 AD. Subject sounds interesting, although I love history so I would actually read all of them.

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