More Stockyards

Tonight I have been thinking about Fort Worth. The reason being that I was watching an Antiques Roadshow episode on PBS that was from Fort Worth.

Shady Oaks Barbeque, Fort Worth, Brisket, Potatoes, BBQLast year I was in the Dallas/Fort Worth area teaching a class. On the Sunday after the class I went to church services with some friends in Fort Worth.

After a great lunch at Shady Oaks Barbeque I spent the afternoon at The Stockyards before returning for evening services.

Texas, Fort Worth, Stockyards, Texas LonghornsOne of the things that I got to see was a small group of Texas Longhorns herded through the streets. Here they are returning to their pen to be ready for the next performance.

It was cool to see the cowboys in action, especially as I worked as a ranch hand/cowboy the summer right after I graduated from high school.

Western Wagon, Rodeo, Horse Show, StockyardsWhile wandering around the stockyards I saw this wagon that is used in one of the shows that they put on. Can you imagine traveling a long distance in a wagon like this?

Cowboy Boots, Stockyards, Leddy Boots, Fort WorthThey have some great signs in the Stockyards area like this one for Leddy Hand Made Boots.

Western wear is of course essential for cowboys and ranch families. I well remember a nice pair of cowboy boots that I had. When I outgrew them I gave them to my Grandpa and he wore them for many years.

John Batterson Stetson, Hatter, Texas Trail of Fame, Fort Worth StockyardsOf course a hat is also essential. Perhaps a Stetson?

Throughout the sidewalks of the Fort Worth Stockyards you will see plaques for members of the Texas Trail of Fame. This star is for John Batterson Stetson who invented the cowboy hat.

John Batterson Stetson is a descendant of John Crandall who immigrated from England to Rhode Island in the 1630’s. I am also a descendant of Crandall who was a Baptist minister at Westerly, Rhode Island.

Now for some sleep after a very long week in the classroom.


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