February 29

Since February 29 only comes around every 4 or 8 years I decided to look and see what I was doing 4 years ago.

Of course the last gap of 8 years ended 112 years ago and the next will start 80 years from now. Not many of us will experience a gap of eight years without a February 29.

The last time there was a February 29 I had just returned from a trip to Japan so my mind has wandered there tonight.

Plum Blossoms, Spring, Pink blossoms, Leap Year, February 29While I was gone spring had started to show its colors here at home and I posted the picture above as my February 29 Picture of the Day on Facebook.

The picture is of my neighbor’s ornamental plum tree. The tree is at the same stage of blossoming this year. It is so beautiful.

The Other Purpose, Engrish, Hair Dryer, JapaneseI started this blog just a few months after I returned from the trip so some of my early blog posts contained pictures from the trip I had just taken to Japan. I wrote an interesting post about this picture titled The Other Purpose?

Click on the link to visit the post to see what I said about this picture.

Kyoto Subway, Blur and Reflection, Kyoto, Japan, SubwayI also wrote a post about Blur and Reflection. The picture above is the blur of the post. Click on the link to see the reflection picture.

I love the way that we have the static images of the passengers waiting for the arriving subway car. The car arrives in a blur of motion and a rush of air and sound. Unfortunately, you can only see the picture and not feel the rush of air, the sound of the arriving train or the smells of the track and tunnel.

Ton Katsu, Japanese Food, Travel, CuisineOf course I had also been posting pictures about food from the trip.

Ready for a nice lunch of Tonkatsu or Pork Cutlet. A classic example of Yoshoku or Western Food in Japan. I love the way that the Japanese incorporate their own style into the dishes with an origin from another country.

This is definitely one of my favorite meals when I visit Japan.

Kinkakuji, Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Zen temple, gold leafWhile in Japan I spent a day sightseeing in Kyoto. Here is the Kinkakuji or Golden Pavilion on a snowy day. The top two floors of this Zen temple are completely covered in gold leaf.

Someday I need to share more pictures from my day in Kyoto.



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1 Response to February 29

  1. August Leung says:

    Japan is worth to travel. I went to there on Jan , 2016 too!
    I love Japanese Pork Cutlet too! Also, have you tried Ramen too?

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