Yellow Rose of Texas

Tonight I am thinking of yellow roses since I will be flying to Texas tomorrow.

I will be teaching a class in Dallas so will also be able to drive by a few places that are full of memories from my college days.

I have finished solving The Packing Formula and should be asleep, so this will be a short post with just some images of yellow roses.

St. Patrick Rose Bud - Yellow Rose - Spring Flowers - March RosesI am looking forward to seeing buds like this on my St. Patrick rose bush very soon.

St. Patrick Rose - Rose Bloom Opening - March FlowersHere is another picture from my rose garden.

Dolmabahce Palace, Yellow Roses, Entry Gate, Istanbul, Roses, TurkeyThese roses are at the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul. See my post Roses in Turkey.

Minature Rose - Yellow Rose - Last Bloom - First Bloom - Small Rose BushHere is one of the blooms on my miniature yellow rose bush. They are not as small as they originally were, but are still delicate.

Rose Bush, Yellow Floribunda Rose, Roses, Yard WorkHere is one of my yellow rose bushes. There are so many blooms on this bush during most of the growing season. It will not be long until it will look like this again this year. There is already one rose that was opening this morning on just the first day of March.

Perhaps I will see some true yellow roses of Texas later this week, but it may be too early there.


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  1. What are you teaching?

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