Research Reading V

In the most recent post of my Research Reading series I shared information about some of the books about Roger Williams that I have read.

Roger Williams, Henry Chupack, Rhode Island, Seperation of Church and StateI also have other books on my to read list that follow events from the same time period in history.

1603, Christopher Lee, Queen Elizabeth 1, ShakespeareIn my post Historic Book Acquisitions V the book pictured above was shown. This book by Christopher Lee discusses events that happened about the time of Roger Williams’ birth in 1603.

Oliver Cromwell, Research Reading, England History, Roger WilliamsI checked out this book from the library this afternoon. I want to read more about Oliver Cromwell and his relationship with Roger Williams, so Cromwell by Antonia Fraser looked like a good starting point. I think a 700+ page biography should give me some good information.

Oliver Cromwell, Antonia Fraser, UK History, Puritan HistorySince part of the title was obscured by the library bar code I decided to also show this little clip from the back cover.

There are some interesting connections between Oliver Cromwell and Roger Williams that I want to know more about. Hopefully some of these are covered in this biography of Cromwell.

English History, Robert Lacy, Great Tales from English History 2Great Tales from English History: Joan of Arc, the Princes in the Tower, Bloody Mary, Oliver Cromwell, Sir Isaac Newton, and More by Robert Lacey is the second volume in a trilogy of books about English History.

This volume covers three hundred years starting in 1387. The book is definitely just an overview, but will give a good review of the events leading up to the early 1600’s that I am really interested in.

I also checked out the first volume of the trilogy, but will wait to read it until after I finish a few other books.

Now to do a little reading before getting some sleep.


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