Research Reading VI

It has been a long time since I last wrote a post in my Research Reading series. In the last post I shared information about some of the books I had read about English History leading up to the 1600’s. See: Research Reading V

This time I will share some of the books I am reading to help prepare for a series of classes that I am teaching on Wednesday night. I only teach one class a month as we rotate teachers through the month.

The class I am teaching is about how we got the Bible.

God's Secretaries, King James Bible, Translantion, Adam NicolsonThe first book actually ties back to my last Research Reading post as the events take place at about the same time. God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible by Adam Nicolson covers the history of the translation process. I will be re-reading portions of this book as I prepare for one of my upcoming classes.

From God to Us, Norman Geisler, William Nix, How we got our BibleFrom God to Us: How We Got Our Bible by Norman L. Geisler and William E. Nix is another great resource about many subjects related to the history of the Bible.

Whose Bible Is It?, Scriptures, Jaroslav Pelikan, Bible HistoryWhose Bible Is It? : A Short History of the Scriptures Through the Ages by Jaroslav Pelikan focuses on the different groups that use the scriptures.

The Canon of Scripture, F.F. Bruce, Bible History, canon, Old Testament, New TestamentThe Canon of Scripture by F. F. Bruce is a great resource for my next class where we will talk about how the canon of scripture was developed.

I was looking for this book on Sunday and couldn’t find it. I finally found it on Tuesday along with some of the other books in this post. It was in the last place I looked. I must have been using them together to prepare for the last class I taught about how we got the Bible.

The Books of the New Testament, Herbert T. Mayer, books, researchThe Books of the New Testament by Herbert T. Mayer is an introduction to the New Testament and the historical background of its message.

There are many other books I could have included in this post, but I chose the one above as I really liked the cover of the book.

Of course, I have also done a lot of on-line research on recent finds of manuscripts.

Now to start making a plan for what I will review before my next class.


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