Catch-up Friday

Today was a day to catch-up on things that couldn’t get done while I was out of the country.

Old Blue - Pontiac G6 GXP - 100000 milesI started off the day by getting Old Blue smogged.  My registration notice always arrives in December and I file it away to take care of in January as part of the fees are tax deductible and it needs to be paid in the right year. I pulled the notice out right before leaving for London earlier this month and found out that I needed to have it smogged this year. Oops, on the road for almost three weeks without a chance to take it in. Luckily I still have about a week before the registration is due. I will take care of the registration on-line tomorrow. I don’t want to go to the DMV, I only want to go there when I absolutely have to like when it is DMV Picture Time.

I-Phone screen problems, I-Phone 5s Screen problems, Frozen Phone, Thermal ProblemsI also needed to go pick up a new phone to replace my slowly dying i-Phone 5s. I first had problems with the screen of the phone when I was in Australia in November. The problems disappeared when I got back home and didn’t reappear until I was in London a couple weeks ago. Of course, no time to take care of it while I was Home to Repack for one day. The phone started having more and more screen problems. I found out that it would start glitching when the temperature in the room was a little higher or I had kept it in my pocket. Then it started to malfunction at progressively cooler temperatures. As I left China it had to be very cool and by the time I got home the only way to get the screen to turn on was to ice the phone down. Luckily it turned on one more time when I went to pick up my new phone today.

The guy at Verizon now has a story to tell of the man who brought his phone in wrapped in an ice pack.

Sister in Snow - 9 inch snow fall - Fun in the Cold - Winter sceneOK, so why am I posting a picture of snow? Well, when I left the office to go pick up my phone there were little flakes of snow dropping from the sky. I don’t even know if you could call it flurries. It quickly passed, but the weather service did say that there was snow in the area. I would not be surprised if the mountains around us get a bit of snow with this snow storm.

Plus, I am just thinking of this picture for a couple of reasons. First, the news is full of information about the upcoming blizzards to the east. Secondly, my sister posted a picture she took of this same house with snow in the yard while I was in China. This is where we grew up in Iowa and we have wonderful memories of playing in the snow there.

Of course there was a lot to catch-up with at work today so it has been a long day.

Goddess of Justice - San Joaquine County Court House - Statue of God of Justice - Spring BloomsWhen I arrived home I went to the mailbox and found a letter from the courthouse. I am being called for Jury Duty. Luckily the only thing I have scheduled for the week of my jury duty is a course that I don’t believe needs to be taught and have been trying to get canceled 🙂 Now I have a very good reason.

Now to catch-up on some sleep.



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