Holiday Decorations in England

Last year I was in Tokyo in December so I wrote a post titled Holiday Decorations in Tokyo just after Christmas.

This week I have been traveling around Scotland and England so decided to share a few Christmas decorations that I have seen. I have not been near any big shopping centers, but I hear that they have more extensive decorations.

Christmas Trees, Holiday Decorations, Hinkley, England, Hotel, HolidayThe hotel that I stayed in last night in Hinkley had some really nice decorations. There were two large Christmas trees in the rotunda area of the hotel.

Hinkley, England, Hotel, Christmas Decorations, HolidaysHere is another view of the rotunda area at the hotel. You can see the wreathes on each floor. This is the junction of six separate hallways that lead to the rooms. I stayed on the third floor so had to climb two sets of stairs to get to my room. Luckily they did have a lift for when I first went to the room with my bags 🙂

Life Size Toy Soldier, Nutcracker, Holiday DecorationsHow about a full size toy soldier. This toy soldier watches over the foyer and the reception desk. Make sure you don’t slip out without paying.

Nativity Scene, Stony Stratford, England, Holiday Decorations, ChristmasThis nativity scene is outside a church building in Stony Stratford. I do like that it keeps to the basics and doesn’t bring in a lot of items that wouldn’t have been there at the time of the visit of the shepherds. See: Three Wise Men?

Christmas Tree, Holiday Inn, Heathrow Airport, Christmas, HolidaysHere is the Christmas tree in the lobby of the hotel that I am staying in tonight. Tomorrow morning I head off to the airport for an early afternoon flight.

I am debating whether to wear a red shirt along with my Santa hat tomorrow as I fly home.


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