Christmas Wanderings

It is beginning to look at lot like Christmas around here and my mind has wandered a bit to some Christmas related posts from the past.

Christmas Decorations, December Walk, Christmas LightsMy December Evening Walks are starting to look like this again. However, the people who live in this house have not put anything in their yard this year. I took this picture last year. Maybe they are just a bit late this year.

Christmas Tree, Holiday Inn, Heathrow Airport, Christmas, HolidaysWe have three large Christmas trees up at work, which is very interesting as we have not had a large tree in the office for about the last 10 years.

The picture above is from Holiday Decorations in England that I wrote last year. I won’t be making a trip there this year for Christmas, but will go there shortly after the New Year.

Olive Wood Nativity Scene, Kado Store, BethlehemPeople are starting to put up Nativity sets. To see some pictures of some very large Olive Wood Nativity Sets from Israel click on the link in this sentence.

Christmas at a Grand Hotel - Wini Frances - Book ReviewI will also be reading some of my favorite Christmas books this month like Christmas at a Grand Hotel by Wini Frances. You still have time to buy a copy from Amazon in time for Christmas.

Snow Scene, Village in Winter, Horse and Sleigh, Winter SceneWe won’t get any snow here where I live, but I am sure that I will see some on Christmas cards. I shared Three Snow Scenes in a post I wrote two years ago.

I am thinking of Christmas cards as I have a friend in Iowa who is trying again this year to get Christmas cards from every state. She has also received some cards from around the world. If you are interested in sending her a card leave a comment and I will reply to you privately with her address.

Is it beginning to look like Christmas where you are?



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