December Rose

Tonight I decided to post a few pictures of one of my December roses.

Mister Lincoln, Rose Bush, december rose, rose budI took this picture several days ago and wondered if it would end up blooming. The weather has been pretty cold at night and I thought maybe the season for roses was about over.

Mister Lincoln, December Rose, Red Rose, Late Season RoseHowever, this morning the rose had started to open and it looked so beautiful. I just had to take a picture. It is actually nice that it is not too warm as the rose petals are really keeping their shape. Also, I haven’t seen any busy little insects on the bloom.

Red rose bloom, Mister LIncoln, December Rose, Rose BloomHere is another view of the rose from a different side. I like this as you can also see the difference between the shadowy underside and the top of the petals. There was not much light this morning as it was really foggy, but enough light was there to light up the rose a bit.

Red Rose Bloom, Mister Lincoln, December Bloom, Fragrant RoseHere is another look from the top. You can see the pattern of how the rose will open. I am sure that I will probably be taking more pictures again tomorrow.

Raindrops, Mr. Lincoln Rose, Rain, Drought busterIn a few days the rose may look like this. It will be open a bit more and we have some rain in the forecast. Hopefully I will be getting some more pictures of raindrops on roses.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of this beautiful Mister Lincoln rose.



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