A Walk at Work II

A couple years ago I wrote a post titled A Walk at Work. I was thinking of the post when I took a short walk this afternoon. I almost felt like I was in Canada with all the beautiful fall color.

December Fall Foliage, Colorful Tree, Walk at Work, California AutumnThis tree is very beautiful. It has a nice mix of reds, yellows and greens. I remember back when this tree was just a small little tree and now it is as tall as our building.

Yellow Red Leaves, Autumn, Tree Color, Fall ColorHere is another tall tree that has beautiful color. The colors this fall are really vibrant and it seems that there is more color than in the past few years. However, it is unusual for me to be home this time of year so I often miss the height of fall color. I am usually somewhere else training as we don’t have much local training between the holidays.

Colorful Vines, Fall Color, Vine Covered Tree, Colorful VineHere is a beautiful vine covered tree. The leaves on the vine have changed color and there is a beautiful contrast with the color of the trunk.

Yellow Trees, Yellow Leaves, Orange Leaves, Red Leaves, Fall Color, CaliforniaThese trees are usually more yellow, but this year they have a lot of red in them as well. I don’t care about the exact color, they are just beautiful. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy them for a while longer, but a rain storm is coming in this weekend.

Fall Leaves, Colorful leaves, Red Leaves, Yellow Center, California AutumnHere is one of the last pictures that I took as I headed back in the door to work. I walk past this tree every morning and really enjoy the beauty of the leaves. They are so colorful. The mix of yellow and red is very interesting.

I hope that you enjoyed this sampling of pictures that I took during my walk. It is nice to enjoy a California autumn day.


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