Thanksgiving in Australia

This year I spent Thanksgiving in Australia. This is not the first time that I have been working somewhere overseas on Thanksgiving and definitely not the furthest away. One year I spent Thanksgiving in India.

The real question here is when exactly was Thanksgiving Day for me. When did I actually have my Thanksgiving Feast.

Was it the lunch that I had on Thursday which was takeout from a Thai restaurant?

Korean Cuisine, Thanksgiving Meal, Australia, Bibimbap, Spicy Pork

Was it the spicy pork bibimbap that I had at a Korean restaurant on Thursday evening?

Probably not the yogurt and corn flakes that I had for breakfast on Friday.

Pizza, Italian Cuisine, Meter of Pizza, Verace Pizzeria, North RydeThe best candidate for my Thanksgiving meal was our Friday lunch at Verace Pizzeria. I had lunch with colleagues that I have known for many years and the food was excellent.

This would be my closest meal time to when friends back home were enjoying Thanksgiving dinners.

Verace Pizzeria, Metre of Pizza, Pizza, Italian FoodWe ordered two metres of pizza. You choose three different types of pizza for a metre of pizza, so we had a total of six different pizzas between the two metres. We also had some delicious garlic bread.

Verace Pizza, North Ryde, Australia, PizzeriaHere is a closeup of one of the pizzas. The pizza is very authentic Italian pizza. The pizza oven is wood fired and was built by a third generation oven builder from Naples. The cooks are award winning pizza chefs from Italy who have brought their recipes and techniques to Australia. I will say that it is some of the best pizza I have eaten.

Black Pepper Chicken, Macquarie Centre, Chinese Food, Asian FoodMy dinner tonight definitely is not the Thanksgiving dinner as it was just a simple black pepper chicken from the food court at Macquarie Centre.

Or, I could just say that I had my Thanksgiving dinner a month early when I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving.

I did enjoy posts from friends and family as they celebrated Thanksgiving and also got an interesting video from a niece and nephew wishing me Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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