Canadian Thanksgiving Feast

This evening I will share some pictures from our Thanksgiving Day feast here in Toronto.

I had a request from some of my friends to post pictures of what Canadian Thanksgving was like. Not surprising, it is much like our Thanksgiving in the US.

Canadian Thanksgiving, Pie Safe, Pies, Pumpkin Pie, Apple PieBefore our meal the pies were cooling on the counter top. They looked and smelled great.

Thanksgiving Ham, Canadian Thanksgiving, Ham, Feast

The main dish for Thanksgiving was ham, but turkey is also very common for Thanksgiving here. This is just as it is the US, some people like to cook a turkey and others like to cook a ham.

Scalloped Potatoes, Crockery, Fall Theme Crockery, Delicious MealThe main side dish was scalloped potatoes. They were brought in some really cool looking pottery.

Pickles, Olives, Onions, Thanksgiving FeastThere were also small sides like pickles, olives and onions and of course rolls. You can barely see the rolls and butter in the picture above.

Thanksgiving Plate, Thanksgiving Feast, Canadian ThanksgivingMy plate was not too full, but I was saving room for the wonderful desserts. The meal was delicious.

Apple Pie, Ice Cream, Dessert, ThanksgivingThe apple pie and ice cream was delicious, as well as the pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream. Actually, the homemade whipped cream was the best part of the meal.

To learn more about why Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated in October visit my post: Canadian Thanksgiving


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9 Responses to Canadian Thanksgiving Feast

  1. melody and Fred says:

    Loved the photos of Canadian Thanksgiving. Everything looked delicious! Enjoy! The black olive, green olive and pickle tray reminded me of home. My grandma was from Montreal 🙂

  2. arlene says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, although it is a bit late!

  3. Lynne Brown says:

    I love your pictures of Canadian Thanksgiving. I want the scalloped potatoes (and that great pottery) … looks so yummy. The picture of the pies make me wonder if I can wait until American Thanksgiving for some pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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