Back Home to Fall Color

I left Sydney this afternoon and arrived back home this morning to beautiful fall colors. While I was down under in Australia they finally arrived and I enjoyed them as I drove home.

Of course, fall color is usually very late in the year here in California. See: Finally Fall Color

Yellow Rose, Rose Bush, Fall Color, November Color, November RosesAs I pulled into my driveway I noticed that I still had some beautiful blooms on my rose bushes. The roses may not last much longer though as we are having below freezing weather overnight.

Yellow Trees, Yellow Leaves, Fall Color, California Fall ColorAs I drove to the library to return some books I took this picture while stopped at a red light. You can see the beautiful yellow leaves of the big trees and also a little bit of red peeking in from behind.

Yellow Trees, Fall Color, Yellow Leaves, CaliforniaI always like the color of the leaves on the trees across the street from the library. These trees are really tall and look majestic when they are in full color.

Red Leaves, Red Trees, Library, Fall Color, California FallThere are also some beautiful trees with red leaves near the park shelter and the library parking lot. These are already losing many leaves and they are starting to pile up.

Yellow trees, Fall Color, California, November ColorHere is another picture that I took when leaving the library. I like this picture as it shows the trees with dark leaves that are on the opposite side of the street from the trees with yellow leaves. They look like silhouettes but the effect is much different. Of course, it is more interesting to see in person 🙂

I also walked through several areas of leaves on my walk tonight. Fall is definitely here.



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