Around the Apartment II

Tonight I thought about a post that I wrote during my last trip to Australia.

The last trip was in late spring, and this trip is in late summer so thought it would be interesting to make a comparison.

The previous post can be viewed at Around the Apartment.

Service Apartment, North Ryde, NSW, MeritonHere is where I am staying. I could see that some of the trees were a bit taller since it has been about 14 months since my last trip.

North Ryde, Nature, Shrimpton CreekThe creek that runs by the hotel had a lot less water in it, however that may change a bit in the next few days as we should be getting rain here.

Australia Summer, creek, nature

Here is a similar picture to one I took before. You can see that it is much drier and that the foliage is a bit browner.

Dying Agapanthus, summer, seed podsLast time I was here the agapanthus were just beginning to bloom. This time since it is late summer and they are pretty much just seed pods.

Agapanthus, Late bloom, Australia, late summerThere are a few agapanthus around that still have a few flowers on them, but not much.

The weather has also been really hot with temperatures in the high 90’s to low 100’s over the last week. However, they should drop dramatically in the next couple days.

But, back in the upper 90’s by the weekend. I may have to rethink my weekend plans and look for something with more time indoors like a museum instead of the zoo.


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